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23 June 2009 @ 08:15 pm
The Wonderful Lake  

This poem is a pantoum and it was one of my first attempts at poetry. It's simple, too simple in fact, when I read it again. But I'm proud of it somehow. It was written for a challenge on Sacred Bookshelf, a Harry Potter forum I joined in '06. We had to write a poem on a character's favourite spot in Hogwarts; the exact details of the challenge escape me.

Title: The Wonderful Lake

Author: snowhedwig05

Fandom: Harry Potter

Rating: K

Disclaimer: I own no part of the HP universe.

A/ N: A pantoum describing Lily Evans' favourite place in Hogwarts (my own choosing) - the Black Lake. First published here.


I find it beautiful

The wonderful lake

Its waters so cool

It makes my heart ache.

The wonderful lake

In which waves swirl

It makes my heart ache

It shines like a pearl.

In which waves swirl

Its depths unknown

It shines like a pearl

Like none ever owned.

Like none ever owned

Its waters so cool

Its depths unknown

I find it beautiful.


Mood: awakeawake
Music: Love's Not A Competition - Paramore